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My name is Jax Atlantis In the past 15 years I've studied the Tarot, Mediumship, ESP, Remote viewing and finally Astrology. I have made a living writing spirit poetry, running Indigo Rising Magazine, working for psychic hotlines, giving live readings on Facebook, making Daily Horoscope Videos for the Spiritual TV Network HighVibe TV, and most recently, became CEO of the International Institute of Temple Sciences. My path has always involved my spiritual beliefs, because for me, it must. I believe it is my mission to address the collective perception on spirituality, religion and atheism in an honest way and open dialogues that are commonly closed or stilted. 

The Astrologer Rising Course 


Astrologer Rising Course.jpg

In this course you will learn the archetypal, conventional and modern meanings of the 12 zodiac signs and how they can be read through the lens of a Natal Chart or Horoscope. You will dive deep into the relationships between the signs, the houses and the planets so that when you're interpreting your own chart, or someone else's, you will have confidence in your ability.

This 16 week online class will show you how to navigate from your current knowledge to practical application in a very short time.

While all people are welcome to join, my focus in the creation of this course was and is, students of astrology who have already begun their journey into astrology and feel overwhelm at the sheer mountain of different subjects to cover. 

Each week, this course will include:
-A pre-recorded lesson
-A live Video Q&A  
-PDF info sheets, 
-Optional assignments and quizzes

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