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Hey I’m Micah! Wow! I’m so grateful to be on the Mystical Illuminations team and therefor I’m
grateful to be here interacting with you reading this. A bit about myself, I’m originally from St.
Louis, MO but currently reside in Cleveland, OH. I’m a Capricorn rising, Pisces sun and
Taurus moon, with an Aquarius stellium. Astrology is my first love and I have been a
Professional Astrologer for over a decade now which honestly is wild to me. I’m currently
continuing my education of the stars at Nightlight Astrology School, actively studying with two
local herbalist, and teaching astrology at various events and I am part of the permanent
faculty at an occult school. When I’m not teaching, reading or learning I’m spending as much
time in nature as possible and connecting with the earth. My purpose that I strive to bring to
every meeting with my clients is to normalize soul freedom in a world that normalizes faking it.
I love what I do because I love to encourage clients to embrace their own inner bad ass and I
hope to be able to meet you soon in a session so we can bring you to new heights of insight
and bad assery!